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I remember when I was a kid, I used to think about 2020 as a massively abstract place in time. “In 2020 I’ll be 40” I used to say to my siblings, in a kind of awestruck way. So how are we talking about 2020 now? That can’t be right, can it? Aside from my sudden, panicked mid-life crisis, 2020 is all about personalisation.

But what does this mean for digital marketers and those of you managing your own social media platforms? Buckle up, kids. We’re going on a journey into the future.

The power of personalisation is a wonderful thing…

The power of personalisation is possibly even stronger than the power of love.Makes one man weep, makes another man sing etc etc. Basically, what this means is targeting your content and products at specific clients/customers at specific times, across specific platforms.

According to “The Path to 2020” report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, next year will see marketers use personalisation to drive engagement at scale[1]. This means combining data-backed insights with a prospect’s contextual situation to deliver the right marketing content, at the right time and to the right prospect.

You may have seen Facebook making a start with this in their scheduled posts tab. They’re now suggesting times when your followers are mostly online and theoretically most likely to engage with your content. It’s something we’re going to start playing with in the New Year (and it looked like being Pacific Standard Time when we glanced, so we’ll need to look at whether that can be changed).

What it means, in essence, is you can target your followers with content when they’re most likely to be online.

Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads

Snapchat are also doing this by allowing businesses to upload their product catalogues and providing templates so you can smash out an ad on the fly. They’re calling it Dynamic Ads.

Last week, the first shoppable game from Adidas launched on Snapchat, for instance. In 2018, Snap Pixel allowed agencies to go their clients with better information about how many users take action on their websites after seeing their ads. Snapchat also has shoppable AR ads and formed a partnership with Shopify to launch in-app stores for select accounts. Its collection ads make it easy to showcase multiple products in a single ad, and the platform can now support longer-form videos of up to three minutes in length.

Ironically, given the personalised element, people are less inclined to deal with people face to face. The days of advertising to the masses through tv or radio are kinda over. 2020’s consumers prefer the small screen or no screen and will actively research their purchase options. So making sure your website is optimised for mobile is key. Have you met our sister company, Gwe Cambrian Web? *subtle cough*

What does this mean for your business?

It’s just no good putting up posts without any clue as to when your followers are online. You can always find this information somewhere (Facebook or Instagram have audience insights, for example). The old advice used to be, post consistently and at the same times every day/week. But that just doesn’t work anymore. Your post can, and will, get lost amidst the chatter if you’re not looking to see when people are online, and putting stuff out there in that moment. That’s the key to personalisation in the first instance – making sure your content is going online at the right time.

And you definitely need a social media strategy. You need to be optimising your SEO. Immersive mediums such as live video and Augmented Reality (AR) are set to soar in popularity. Check out this use of AR on Oxford Street in London, way back in 2014. The tech has come on since then, you can be sure.

These aren’t comfortable approaches for everyone – and that’s where, often, it’s better to simply hand the reins to a digital marketer who can, and will, take on the daily battle with the algorithms on your behalf.

As social media marketers, we here to help optimise your business potential, and to make sure you’re not left behind. As we always say, you might not be interested in social media, but you can bet your competitors are.

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