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We have a brilliant range of clients whose social media we manage on a day to day basis – how lucky we are! We work really hard to go above and beyond on what our packages offer, and coupled with our passion for social media, our clients are in very safe hands (if we do say so ourselves).

Aside from creating posts, engaging with your followers and scheduling your social media, we also find it really important to take a frequent look at the insights across the different platforms. Why is this? For a few reasons:

  1. We have to make sure that we’re achieving the goals and ambitions set out at the start – either at the start of management as a whole, or the start of a campaign or new season
  2. It’s a great way to see if a new post type (for example, perhaps posting a video for the first time on the page, or a meme) works for the followers of that page or profile
  3. The insights show you a huge range of statistics that can help tailor how and when you post, rather than “shooting into the dark” often and not creating an effective social media strategy or campaign
  4. They’re a great way of making sure you improve the profile or page month on month – if you’ve ever looked at Facebook insights you’ll see the little green or red statistics. Green across the board is the aim!

October in Review

So we took a look at a the range of insights for our clients yesterday over October, and it occured that there was one very important lesson we wanted to share.

New client!

We took on a new client on Facebook and Twitter at the tail end of September, and had some amazing stats from the insights. They look super impressive, and we can splash them all around social media and show off our expertise… but it isn’t clear from this image below that prior to us taking management of the business’ social media, there was only 5 posts from January 2019 to September 2019, and 9 Tweets.

The lesson? ALWAYS expect to see some impressive insights in the first month of management, if the pages or profiles had been fairly neglected before then. The challenge for us now, is to ensure we see a positive increase across the board over the coming months.

Networking is Key

Networking is something we will always do for our social media clients on any of our packages. We make sure that we share the page or profiles in as many groups as we see fit, but also encourage networking in these groups. It’s not a case of just posting on the page and hoping for the best, we have to encourage users on the social media platforms to engage with us. A great example for us to share with you over October is a Christmas event we are managing. We manage the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for this client, but over the next month are concentrating our efforts on the events campaign, given the range of Christmas events on the horizon for them.

Many social media managers will recommend paying to advertise your event – and we do agree, but, you might not need to. With great networking and connections in a range of groups or hashtags, you can reach large numbers of people. Here are the stats of the Facebook event we have for our client:


So two key takeaways from the insights of October

  1. The first month of management should always look impressive, if your client hasn’t been very active on the social media prior to this.
  2. You can reach great numbers of people with your events by making an effort to network and share the event, rather than just plain advertising of it.