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Business isn’t about getting enquiries and trying to take on everyone and promising the Earth. Too many agencies and companies do this in the marketing realm, and we pride ourselves at Digida for being honest with all of our customers. There’s no profit in taking money off someone because they came to you and believe that they should be paying you for that service – if it isn’t actually needed.

Scenario 1: only this week a potential new client came to us, enquiring about our social media management packages. After an informal chat in the office, I realised quickly that they don’t need me to run their social media for them. In fact, they already enjoy doing it themselves. What they needed, and hadn’t realised themselves, was someone to bounce ideas off every few weeks, and someone to think outside the box for them. We’re all guilty of getting stuck in a rut with our own business sometimes, and just having a new set of ideas with someone passionate about marketing can be the logical next step. So, instead of charging a monthly package, I offered a business consultancy rate per hour, when they felt they need it. Loss of income for us, but more respect from the client, which will mean an increase in recommendations.

Scenario 2: a gentleman pops into the office, having been told by his wife that he should sign up to our social media packages. He should be everywhere! So, I’m thinking, “ohh, a new client, fabulous”. After some chat it turns out he’s already absolutely flat out with his business, but would like a presence on social media for “future planning”, when people ask for recommendations on Facebook, he’ll be tagged or show in searches for example. I decide that he doesn’t actually need a full on marketing campaign, he needs to take a step back from that idea and just be present on social media. Keeping a consistent profile on Facebook and Twitter (potentially), because his business limits him to a geographical area, and he relies on a certain type of audience to require his services. So, saving money for the customer and being plain and honest from us. Sometimes, it isn’t about going all out you know! That’s why we have a Whisper package for our social media management offers.

Being honest might sound like a cliche but it really is at the heart of our business. We want to work well with (and for) our clients, and if you can’t be honest from the off then it’s never going to work. You know that if you come to Digida you’ll get a solid, honest piece of advice off us about your marketing online, so why wait?