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Searching for content ideas for your social media platforms over the upcoming month? Look no further! We’ve penned together a range of “social days” to help you out. March is a busy month for awareness days so you can pick from a really rich crop of dates to use. Did you check out our February post? Let us know if it was helpful!

What’s on in March?

1st March – St David’s Day: this is a no brainer if you’re based in Wales. David’s greatest miracle was creating a hill under his feet where he spoke about God. And unlike his stable mate St Patrick (who’s day comes later on in the month), you won’t be celebrating with a beer on the day. St David didn’t drink. Use #StDavidsDay hashtags in your posts.

Also 1st March – The Marie Cure Gret Daffodil Appeal. Every March, millions of people across the UK show their support for their work by purchasing a daffodil pin or donating. As the daffodil is one of the national symbols of Wales, it’s an appropriate day for the charity to use. Use #mariecurie or #GreatDaffodilAppeal2020 to connect you to the wider community.

Also 1st March – is my particular favourite. National Bed Month. Organised by the Sleep Council, the month promotes sleep hygiene guidelines, aimed at improving good sleep health. Last year they used the hashtags #YourDayBeginsWithSleep and #bedmonth, so they’re good places to start.

5th March – St Piran’s Day. I can assure you that writing about St Piran’s Day was not merely an excuse to include a picture of BBC’s Poldark. St Piran is a significant figure to the culture and identity of Cornwall, who hold him up as their patron saint. He’s also the patron saint of tin miners. St Piran’s flag was adopted in the 1950s by separatists campaigning for Cornwall’s devolution.

Awareness Days of the Month8th March – International Women’s Day. This is a fantastic day for celebrating the women in your workforce. Or women who’ve made a contribution to your field. It’s a great all-rounder across all platforms where you can celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women across the globe.

Don’t panic about your content!

9th March – World Panic Day. I celebrate this one pretty much every day. World Panic Day has been set aside as an official day for us to run around all day telling everyone we can’t handle it anymore. You can also use the day to research coping strategies.

11th March – No Smoking Day. Endorsed by the government and leading charities, the day highlights the benefits of quitting smoking. A great one to promote if your work is in the health industry! The Gasp website claims 1 in 10 smokers attempt to quit on No Smoking Day.

16th March – and running for one week is National Conversation Week. The hashtag for this one is #NatConvWeek. The intent is for everyone to get talking. Put down the phone or tablet, step away from the computer and TV and having a good old natter.

17th March – St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s famously banished every Irish snake into the sea after they attacked him during his Lent fast. Not sure why the snakes got together to do this – have we heard their side of the story? In any case, rather than picking on a bunch of serpents, we celebrate Paddy’s achievement by dressing up and drinking Guinness.

20th March – The Great British Spring Clean. Over 563,163 people volunteered their time to take part in the 2019 campaign. Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, it’s the UK’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign. Use the hashtags #GBStreetClean or #LitterHeroes to connect. This one is worth thinking about in advance. It’s a great thing to design content round as well as touting your business’s green credentials.

23rd March – World Meteorological Day, celebrating when the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was established in 1950. The organisation is celebrating its 70th anniversary and are holding a calendar competition for photographers. This year’s theme is #ClimateAndWater.

27th March – Wear a Hat Day. Wear a hat and raise awareness and funds for brain tumour research.

These are just some of the days you can use for your social media. You’ll find loads more via the Awareness Days website.

Why bother with awareness days?

They’re not only a great help when designing and scheduling content, but they’ll tap you in to new communities. That’s why it’s important to use the hashtags. It’s best to pick ones that chime with your brand’s identity. For example, if you’re community minded then the Great British Spring Clean is a great one to post about.

Keep your eyes peeled for our April favourites! Where is this year going??