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Last night (in the UK at least), Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce some exciting new updates, in light of the world being in lockdown! We tuned in, and here’s our summary of the changes:

Facebook Events

Naturally, LOTS of events have moved to the web in recent weeks, something we’ve taken advantage of for sure. So, Facebook has recognised this and you can now mark events as “online events”. This is great news for those who are creating events and then using Facebook live within the event for it.

Another change in the events will be the ability for pages to charge for events. Again, this reflects the sudden change to moving everything online – for example workshops and training sessions. In essence, Facebook will be allowing you to create events, charge for them and do live within the events too. Keeping you on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Live

Donating money has become very big over the past few weeks, if you’ve spent any time of social media then you’ll have seen at least one ask for donations. Facebook are going to let you add donate buttons to your Facebook lives now, which will be great for those using the Live feature to promote their worthy causes.

Facebook are also bringing back Facebook Live With! What’s this we hear you ask? Basically, host a Facebook live with another guest, anywhere in the world. A fab feature for many groups and pages to take advantage of.

Messenger Rooms

Okay, so anyone who has been using Zoom will find this feature a bit familiar. Facebook will be introducing Rooms to pages, groups and messenger. It’s easy – you create a room and invite anyone to join, they don’t even have to have a Facebook account. According to Facebook, rooms will soon hold up to 50 people and have no time limit (unlike Zoom, which is 40 minutes on the free version). Facebook will soon be adding this feature to Instagram Direct and WhatsApp too.

Facebook Games

Facebook are releasing a new app for Facebook Games, where you will also be able to livestream the games. Linked to that will be tournaments (which is already available on the platform).

Another feature which isn’t new, but was in Mark Zuckerberg’s chat last night is the roll out of Stars – to more pages and more countries. Read more about it here, but in essence you can monetise your gameplay, with viewers sending your stars or gifts.

What do the changes mean?

Well, what we always say. Social media is all about COMMUNITY. Now more than ever, groups and community are so important for us across the world. If you haven’t got a group, now is the time to think if you can utilise one for your business, and certainly join some groups and start networking too.

Facebook is working hard on us being together, promoting community.

You can watch the summary of his video over on Facebook here.