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March flew by didn’t it. I don’t know about you, but did you use any of the “days of the month” for your marketing? For us, it certainly felt like the whole month was consumed by the world-pandemic currently sweeping strongly around the globe. We’re on week 2 of official lockdown here in Wales, and when it comes to thinking about your online marketing, now more than ever might be a good time for the safe structure of the days of the month! Once again, we’ve picked some we think might be useful to you, but there really are loads!

3rd April – are you a Who-vian? Well, we are, and today marks the official Fish Fingers and Custard Day! If you don’t know the history, we won’t spoil it for you, how about just popping open that can of custard and getting some fish fingers on the go?

5th April – also a day we can’t ignore, it’s #StarTrekFirstContactDay, the day when the Vulcans landed on Earth following Dr Cochrane’s first successful warp flight. So, you might not be a Trekkie, but your audience might find it interesting!?

9th April – ASMR Day. We wrote a blog piece last year about ASMR, which is still gaining in popularity. ASMR is a unique approach to the unexplainable reactions people get when listening to ASMR videos, often a tingling sensation. This is a day to celebrate all of those who create ASMR!

11th April – PET DAY! Ah, pets are so popular on social media, and there really are a lot of “pet days” around, but why not, we do love them afterall. So, if you have a pet, this is a great way to gain some engagement on social media. Just use the hashtag, #PetDay.

12th April – this day felt a little odd, because it’s all I’ve done since “lockdown” here in the UK. Nevertheless, I’d have included it had life been “normal”, so today is Deskfast Day. Apparently the term “deskfast” and its use is attributed to the recession in 2008, when people felt that they needed to do a lot more work because of fear of losing their jobs. Now, it’s probably attributed to the fact that we’re all hooked to our desks at all hour (she says, writing this at 10pm on the 31st of March!). But, it’s a good one to share on social, and encourage engagement of course. What will you have?

14th April – how often do you look up? Today is #LookUpattheSkyDay, so take some time to just look up and appreciate the awesome-ness of the world around us today.

14th April – also #EqualPayDay for 2020, this date changes year on year and country to country. This is actually the date for the USA, in the UK our #EqualPayDay was March 31st. The date represents how much longer the average woman has to watch to march the amount made by the average man the year before. This “day” has been going for 24 years too. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

15th April – American Sign Language Day (or #ASLDay), which is one of the most prominent sign languages in the world. Why not take a bit of time out today to learn a little ASL?

16th April – so I am writing this at the start of April, where currently, the coronavirus lockdown won’t extend passed Easter (but we all know it will), so this one also seems incredibly apt. Usually we’d all be loving this I’m sure, but I wonder how we’ll all feel by the 16th? Anyway, today is wear your pyjamas to work day! How many of you have been doing this from mid March?

18th April – today is World Heritage Day, which encourages us to celebrate all of the worlds cultures, and bring awareness to important cultural monuments and sites. All with the idea of preserving the world’s cultures. A great day to share your local heritage?

22nd April – Earth Day. This is a huge environmental movement and in 2020, will celebrate its 50th anniversary (is that a good, or a bad thing?). This is a day of action, promoting environmental changes and generally teaching people the consequences of their behaviour on our planet. How will you be a part of #EarthDay 2020?

23rd April – what can you do today to improve all of the things you do on a normal day? Can you change them for the better? This is how you can celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day (#CreativityandInnovationDay). You can celebrate it by brainstorming how you can improve all of those things, and seeing how you can implement that!

23rd April – we do love a good book here at Digida, so we think we’ll be part of #BookNight! This holiday began back in 2011 in the UK, and its aim is to change the way adults view reading by encouraging them to take the time to read during the night, with free books. Read more about this lovely day here.

25th April – I’ve put this in purely for our clients, some of whom are plumbers! Now, at the moment we’re all social distancing and I don’t expect that to change by the 25th of April, but we can all send virtual hugs to plumbers on #HugAPlumberDay can’t we? Go, find them on social media and send them gifs!

25th April – okay so this is an American holiday but, personally we really like it. #IndependentBookstoreDay, all about supporting the independent book stores and shops around the world. And quite often, these are the places that hold those little treasures too!

28th April – today is #SuperheroDay, and superheroes come in every form don’t they? It’s not just those characters out of the Marvel films, so let’s take some time today to thank the superheroes in our lives, and appreciate them.

28th April – another heartwarming day, and a phrase that is becoming every more popular – #PayItForwardDay. Paying it forward is what happens when something wonderful happens to you on the part of a stranger, and all they ask for in return is for you to pay it forward, to do something for someone when they need it in the future. Can you pay it forward today? Go on, we dare you.