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Searching for content ideas for your social media platforms over the upcoming month? Look no further! We’ve penned together a range of “social days” to help you out – some of our favourites, the very popular and the downright absurd!

2nd February – Yorkshire Pudding Day! Purely placed here on this list because who doesn’t like a yorkie pudding? Perhaps you’re a staunch “only with beef” type of person, but not in the office. Yorkshires with every type of roast dinner. So, join in the Yorkshire appreciation day with the hashtag #YorkshirePuddingDay.

Also 2nd February – Candlemas day. I like this one because of it’s more ancient origins. As ancient people looked forward to planting and spring, there was a celebration to recognise the shifting from the cold and dark days to the happier and more productive time of year. Ancient Celts honoured the Goddess Brigid, the Romans had a festival for their God Lupercus, and in general it was a time for festivals of light and celebrations. Candlemas does have more Christian origins, but a nod to the ancient religions.

And also 2nd February – this is a nod to our trip to Canada last year, today is also #TaterTotDay! Who knew! If you haven’t had a tater tot you are hugely missing out. Go and Google it now.

4th February – World Cancer Day – something that has truly touched everyone in society. Find out more about this day by visiting the website here.

7th February – we do love getting behind these random acts of kindness, and here’s a great one we think we should all get involved in, #SendaCardtoaFriendDay! Who doesn’t love receiving a little surprise bit of post (that isn’t a bill)!.

Also 7th February – I promised you the downright absurd, and if you work in my office, please don’t do this. I give you – Working Naked Day!

11th February – a very important day for the children and youth of today, but also for some adults and the elderly. Staying safe online is getting increasingly harder, and so this campaign, Safer Internet Day is one to follow and get on board with,

12th February – Darwin was fundamental to the understanding of life and the species of the world as we know it today. Celebrate his remarkable study on 12th February, with #DarwinDay!

14th February – we all know today is Valentine’s Day, but for those who aren’t fussed about the red and pink explosion that seems to have happened, did you alos know it’s Ferris Wheel Day?! Neither did we! The day is all about teaching people about ferris wheels (believe it or not).

15th February – today is World Whale Day, raising awareness of these stunning creatures in our waters. This day is actually linked to the Maui Whale Festival, and was founded back in 1980.

16th February – one for the budding business-person, #InnovationDay. The day was created by the Society of Chemical Industry and the Science History Institute, to bring attention not only to those producing new tech, but those pushing the boundaries too.

17th February – a very popular “social day” is the Random Acts of Kindness Day. Just do something kind, randomly, for someone. Follow the hashtag and get involved on #RandomActsofKindnessDay.

20th February – I had to include this one because not only does it include doughnuts, but also a great story and history too. So, it’s called #FatThursday but bear with… it’s essential a day in Poland to celebrate all things dough related, and also the Polish speciality paczki (traditional fried delicacies that contain rose jam). The idea behind #FatThursday is to indulge entirely before the period of lent, and what better way than by appreciating and eating doughnuts all day.

29th February – take a wild guess at this one… Leap Year Day!

We’ve only included some of our favourites and ones relevant to small businesses, but for the whole worldwide list (and to add your own), visit Days of the Year.