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It seems like there’s a strange and odd day every day of the month, but for us social media marketers, hopping onto these is quite important! Here are some of our favourites for January 2020 – which ones will you be getting on board with?

3rd January – Festival of Sleep Day, one we can surely all get behind! The hashtag to join in is #FestivalOfSleepDay. It is highly recommended that in order to celebrate this day to its full potential, we sleep. So go on, get all snuggly in those winter PJs and get back into bed!

6th January – Three Kings Day (also known as the Epiphany). In some countries this day is actually celebrated more over Christmas Day, so it’s quite an important one for the social media calendar. Use the hashtag, #ThreeKingsDay, and you can go to this website to find out more about the day itself.

Also 6th January – when I spotted this I couldn’t pass it by! #ShortbreadDay – of course a huge nod to Scotland. Who doesn’t love a bit of Shortbread?

January 8th – Earth’s Rotation Day. This heralds from the day French physicist Léon Foucault demonstrated how the earth rotates by suspending a lead-filled brass ball from the top of the Panthéon in Paris… Yep! Follow the hashtag #EarthsRotationDay

January 10th – although Canadian originally, we actually want to really get behind this Cut Your Energy Costs Day – not just for our environment, but for the money too! So perhaps you can spend this day thinking about how you can cut your energy costs, or places where you can save energy across the house and work.

January 11th – set up by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have #HeritageTreasuresDay. The “day” itself was only founded 3 years ago on social media but the general campaign goes back much further to 1994 – working to preserve important parts of human history ever since.

Also January 11th – we told you there was some odd ones coming, much like Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day! Did you know that morse code was invented in the 1830s? Although barely used now, it’s a nice nod to history and technology.

January 12th – nothing better than a good declutter. I’ll have done this over the Christmas break already but apparently January 12th is the day to clean off your desk! Weird phrasing I know… But, it’ll probably make you a tad more productive!

January 13th – social media LOVES cats and dogs. So what better than #DressUpYourPetDay, just another pet day to the days a month across a year. Better dig that cat costume out…

January 13th – here’s a fun challenge for you today, #PoetryAtWorkDay. Perhaps write a little sonnet, or rhyme? To your colleagues or even your boss (be careful!)?

January 16th – I’ve included this because it’s possible we’ll see it trending on Twitter. It’s #NothingDay (do nothing, all day), in the same vein as “un-Birthday” and “buy nothing day”.

January 20th – if you’re in the food industry, there are plenty of these days a month, and purely because I love cheese, I’ve included Cheese Lovers Day in this post. Yup, you’ve guessed it, #CheeseLoversDay is all about celebrating everything cheese. We might even get some cheesy puns out too.

Also January 20th – I’m literally only sharing this because Emlyn is a huge fan of penguins! They are super cute… but today is #PenguinAwarenessDay. Sadly, penguin numbers around the world are dwindling, so we have to have this awareness day. Spend this day learning about penguins and their situation.

January 25th – today is the day of Wales’ “valentine”, Santes Dwynwen. Couples in Wales will be getting all romantic celebrating our lovely saint. Read more about her and her story here.

Also January 25th – not forgetting, of course – Rabbie Burns day for the Scots! It’s the only time of the year that local Wetherspoons pubs will stock haggis here in Wales…

January 27th – #BlueMonday. Almost one of my favourite “days” of the year. Blue Monday is dubbed as the most depressing Monday on January and can be known to change dates. Depending on a variety of factors, such as weather, debt, the time that has passed since Christmas day, the time that has passed since we failed at fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels connected with previous failures, and the need to take action. BUT, did you know that this Blue Monday was created as a marketing campaign by Sky Travel Shop back in 2005? As a way to encourage people to “feel better”  by bookings holidays and trips…! So, really, it isn’t a blue Monday at all. Just an excellent marketing campaign that is now here to stay.

January 30th – let’s end on a funny one. Why not spend this day productively changing your answer phone message? Why? Because today it’s #InaneAnsweringMessageDay!