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Rather than our weekly social media roundup, I thought I’d get a bit more personal and discuss the conference I was attending on Friday in London. Share the knowledge and experience of what was learned, rather than sharing news online!

The day was absolutely full to the brim with speakers and workshops, and flew by so quickly. I wrote 20 pages of notes, as well as taking so many photos of slides, quotes, tips and more. It takes a while to digest all of the information, but you still come away feeling that sense of excitement, and inspired by what you’re seen.

Digital Communities

The day kicked off with a morning of speakers, the keynote from Emmy McCarthy, around how to build a meaningful digital community. What Emmy had to say about communities and how she built one on Facebook was great, and on reflection, encompasses exactly the point of a community in the first place (easy to forget if you’re too busy looking at your group size or insights). So a community would be like creating a group on Facebook, and having like minded people join the group (you know the ones, groups like “you know you’re from Aberystwyth when…” or perhaps “The Tudor Period”, there’s literally a group for everything!). The important thing is not to just create a group for the sake of it (which a lot might do, because Facebook is pushing the sense of community and the use of groups more and more), but to make sure you create a group and community around a passion of yours. Sharing your knowledge in the group will then be fairly straightforward and easy to do, without having to research everytime, and find content in a painstaking way. The quote from the session? “We have the power of connectivity in our hands.”

Your Comfort Zone

We were joined by Shelley Grierson (who hosts Linkedin Ladies), a finalist in this years’ Ms Great Britain! She was there to talk to us about this new category in the Miss GB contest, and about how stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying something new can really open up a lot of new doors. I’ve done this before, applying for an award on the off chance (and for myself, not the business), but being astonished as the avenues it opened and connections I’ve made since. So Shelley really drilled in about trying something new and challenging, letting it then drift through into your marketing, giving it a new energy and spark. If we continue with the same old all of the time, our marketing and business will soon reflect it.


Wow, a talk from Facebook’s OWN Lucia Banjo. It was invaluable. Lucia gave us great insight into how you can really utilise Facebook and all of its apps (remember, it’s a company not just a social media platform) to create thumb-stopping content (I really love this term!).  I’ve since downloaded all of the Android compatible apps from Facebook’s Mobile Studio, and now need to spend some time playing around with these and figuring out what works well for my businesses and clients. But, it does mean a good variety now for Stories across the platforms, and giving the content a bit of a rejig.

Lucia also made an excellent point about video, which we all know is very popular and on the rise already. According to Facebook, 75% of all mobile data will be video in 2020, which is mega. So if you don’t do anything on video now, you really must consider it for your 2020 marketing.

The Royal Legion

This was a super interesting talk from Leanne Rice, who although a freelancer, works at the marketing department of the Royal Legion, primarily on their Poppy Appeal. The talk was really insightful and interesting, discussing how Leanne and her team pinpointed the myths and distruption within the campaign year on year, and tackled it for 2018 and 2019 with really effective marketing. Changing the narrative, with bold story telling.

Debbie Doodah

If you don’t follow this lady online already, then you have to go and do it right away (and then come back to read the rest of the blog). Debbie is a super hyped, energetic, honest, fresh and bold lady making waves in the world of digital marketing. While there wasn’t a lot in my notebook, it was because she was just so honest with it, really giving you that confidence to do what you already know. There was a LOT of laughter, a lot of lunging and plenty of swearing.


I went to this study session about podcasting out of personal interest more than anything. I don’t think I’d have the time to fit in doing a podcast, nor if there was actually the call for one either, however it’s always good to know certain things for your clients! The podcast session was held by a company called BigShot, who had plenty of top tips and questions for those looking to start out in the world of podcasting:

  1. Where is your passion? Base your podcast around that!
  2. Who do you want it to reach?
  3. Have a point of difference – with so many podcasts out there, you need to stand out
  4. What would you want to listen to?
  5. How does your brand exist in the audio space already?
  6. What does your audience want?
  7. Consider your USP
  8. Be consistent and promote regularly
  9. Agree how you will measure your success at the start (is it amount of listeners, increase in website traffic, downloads etc)
  10. Do your research and understand what is already out there.

Advanced Facebook Ads

This was a session I was super eager to get in on. Sessions like this are always so valuable, because even if you learn just one thing, it could be the gamechanger. We had a whistle-stop tour of Facebook ads in general (honestly, 20 minutes absolutely flew by), but here are the key takeaways for me:

  1. Many advertisers treat Facebook like Google, and assume people will be using the social media platform for searching. This is where you go wrong – treat Facebook ads as a place to entice and grow loyalty, not to sell sell sell at every turn.
  2. So for this, use the retargetting option. Warm them up with enticing adverts first, and then retarget those customers with your call to action posts or sell-sell-sell adverts.
  3. 2019 was the first year that digital ad spent will surpass traditional advertising methods (wow!)
  4. If you have poor engagement on your page, you will be ranked organically lower which WILL affect your ad performance. We’ve gone on about this a lot, engagement is KEY.
  5. Remember, people buy from people. Build the rapport.
  6. You do not need a huge budget for Facebook ads to work, and it can be done on £2-3 a day.

Digital Pricing Psychology

Another talk I was very keen to be at. Pricing has never been our strong point, primiarily because I worry about how much I’m probably worth. But I can’t share anything from you from this talk, because it’ll give away the new pricing rejig I’m about to introduce! Sorry folks!

Google My Business

I personally am not a fan of the Google My Business tool, but it is incredibly worthwhile for SEO purposes (just a pity that it’s not as intuiative as other social media platforms). The main point here was how incredibly important local search is becoming, and how much we probably tend to overlook this. 46% of all search queries on Google have “local intent”, with 72% of searchers visiting a store within 5 miles of their location. So, if you’re looking to tap into the local market, your SEO needs to be really tip top, and using Google My Business can help with this.

So there you have it! My key take aways from the Digital Women conference (and a few I’ve kept for my note book only of course, can’t divulge everything!). I’ve got a great big to do list/thiings I’d like to do list to start working on and implementing over the coming months, so watch this space (and that of Gwe Cambrian Web of course!).