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So, yesterday Keri T published her top 5 Christmas marketing campaigns, now it’s time for mine! We’ve got no idea which ones the other has picked, so apologies in advance if we’ve actually duplicated content massively…!

I suspect Keri and I have a fairly similar taste (we certainly cry at the same things!), or tugging towards particular marketing campaigns over the festive season, so I’ve tried hard with my choices. To be honest though, there are so many Christmas marketing campaigns by the big boys that it’s so difficult to choose the top 5 to show you. I think looking back, there was probably 1 or 2 that stood out year on year, but we’ve got a few years to cover now. What I’ve always found quite interesting though is that hardly any of the campaigns are blatently shouting “buy presents from us”, it’s always taking a spin to really pull at those festive emotions.

In no particular order:

EDEKA – #heimkommen (Coming Home)

This is a Christmas video by German business Edeka, which particularly resonates with me because for 5 years while in Aberystwyth, I didn’t go home for Christmas and opted to work instead. It’s a story of an elderly gentleman who can’t get his family to join him for Christmas.

For me, watching this video in 2015 (which incidentally was the year I decided to go home for Christmas over work) made me realise that being “busy” was always an excuse, that you can somehow justify to yourself that not visiting friends or family is okay, because you’re busy. Families always joke that the only get-togethers are at weddings or funerals, and that’s really very sad.

BBC – Sprout Boy

Ah Sprout Boy. At the time when this came out I was obsessed and another 2015 video too! I love the animation, the narration, and the story at the end where the BBC cast all get together to welcome the lonely and sad Sprout Boy. Made particularly emotional for me as it’s (my favourite) Peter Capaldi’s Doctor who opens the curtains, and he’s no longer with us either!


Who can forget the Heathrow advert of 2016? “Coming home, the best gift of all”, a real tear jerker. I absolutely loved the connection that this has with Heathrow being a landing point for so many families to reunite, and especially so at Christmas. Get the tissues ready…