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Yes, it is “only” October, but actually if you want to be on top of your social media and marketing campaigns, you should be planning this well in advance. I’d recommend at least a quarter of a year in advance, if not more for the less fine details.

We know in January what the main “points” in the year are, but it does depend on your business type. Let’s assume you are a holiday cottage, so you’ll want to plan your campaigns around school holidays and bank holidays. You’ve also got the 4 seasons to play around with, as well as big holiday events like Easter & Christmas. All of a sudden, your social media campaign calendar starts to take shape. Perhaps you’re based in Wales, so you should also look at events like the National Eisteddfod (is it in your county this year?), the Urdd Eisteddfod, local shows and festivals near you that may increase footfall to the area. You’ll quickly find the calendar take shape nicely, and really help influence your social media and marketing campaign.

TOP TIP: we make notes year on year on how well campaigns go, so for example we’ll make a note about how well a Christmas campaign might go, any ideas we had during it for next year, or anything we need to bin for next year! It’s a good way to keep track through a campaign.

Have you got anything exciting planned for your Christmas marketing this year?