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It’s all too easy, as social media managers, to assume that everyone knows the basics of social media. But that’s definitely not always the case (otherwise, we wouldn’t have jobs). So as of 2020, we’re stripping everything back to its bare walls. We’ll be talking about how to start from scratch building your digital shopfront.

First up – some easy steps to setting up a Facebook business page.


What is a Facebook Business Page?


A Facebook business page gives businesses a professional presence on Facebook. And that allows you to connect with customers on a personal level, as well as reach a new audience. This is important, as creating relationships is one of the key components of a successful marketing strategy. Facebook has over 2.27 billion monthly active users on the platform. It’s the bread and butter of social media marketing. People will always try and search for you there before anywhere. And they’ll want to see an active presence. That means, plenty of pictures, info about the business – stuff for them to see who you are, and what you do.

So, where do you start?


Start at the beginning


First, find the Pages tab (it’s running along the left-hand side of your screen, in the Explore section). When you click into it, it will take you into the portal for all the pages you follow and manage. At the top-right hand corner you’ll find the Create Page option. Go on, click on it. This is what you’ll find.

The choices obviously depend upon what sort of page you’re hoping to set up. As we’re not going to embark on one of those “choose your own adventures”, let’s assume it’s a business page. Click on it. Don’t be scared! It’s not going to blow up in your face. And any mistakes you make now can be easily fixed later.

Who are you?


What’s your business name going to be? If you’ve got a real-world business set up then your Facebook page is  going to share the same name. Brand continuity is key online across all your platforms.

In Category, you’re asked to input a category to describe your business page. If it doesn’t easily spring to mind, typing in a letter (like a, b, etc) will bring up a small list under each letter. We chose Hotel & B&B.

You’re then asked to input your business address, postcode and telephone number. If you don’t have the sort of business where you want people knowing the address of your operational base, you can click to hide that information on your page.


Pesky SEO


We will say, however, that it helps enormously with Google rankings if you have a verifiable address where you can be tracked back to. It implies that you’re legit. And as honesty is an integral part of any online relationship, this is super important.

If you don’t have the means to rent out your own business premises there are a range of local options, including virtual office space, conference room rental and hot desking. These might work if you’re not inclined to give your home address. Aberystwyth Business Hub is a good place to start with this, as they have a range of office space options. You might actually be working it from your front room, wearing your Wonder Woman pjs and watching Home & Away, but the world doesn’t need to know that.


Choose a profile picture!


Now this is usually enormous fun on your personal profile, but unfortunately once again you have to maintain a consistent brand presence on social media. So if you’ve already got a logo in place, it’s better that you use it. If you don’t, then it might be worth spending a little bit of money on having one designed for you – fortunately, we can help you with that. It’s not going to be ok to use that picture of you and your mates on that night out in Cardiff. Soz.

The same goes for your cover photo. Use something bright, and bold, that ties in with who you think you are as a business. There are plenty of free websites that provide stock photography if you don’t have anything suitable on your phone or laptop. Failing that, there are loads of local photographers in Aberystwyth who charge pretty decent rates. Make sure that whatever you use, the quality is good. You don’t want a crappy, pixellated cover picture that you screenshot from Google. No, you really don’t.

Even better is a video, which will play whenever someone accesses your page. We create short videos from scratch for our clients, and they’re always enormously popular.

Once again, the aim is to strengthen your overall brand identity. Your online presence needs to agree with your existing brand, so that online visitors can immediately see that you’re the same entity.

Ultimately, it’s all about creating an online relationship with your current customer base, and using that as a springboard to a new audience.


And that’s it!


Your business, Generic Aberystwyth Business, now has its very own business page. Well done! And really, it was hardly any faff at all to set up.

You now have the fun job of populating your page with great content and building your online tribe. This is our favourite part – seeing the pages growing and changing as the weeks and months go by.

You’ll have other sections to complete on your Page – just remember to keep everything bright and orientated to the visual, and keep your info honest.

And we’ll see you on Facebook!