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If you’re not Gen Z or at the very least, a Millennial, then you may not have heard of Snapchat. That’s ok, because its audience share is predominantly a younger market (not to make any judgements about your age, obvs). However, the platform is increasingly being used by older users (the youngsters have all moved on to TikTok). And if you’re looking at new ways to market your business, you’d not be doing your due diligence if you hadn’t at least considered it. So, how to use Snapchat for your business?

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app. It allows people to send images (and also text-type messages in a separate space) that can be enhanced with filters and stickers. Obviously this appeals to a generation who love to take pictures (of themselves, of things, of pets) and send them to their friends. Same old, right? But the USP of Snapchat when it launched was that these pictures and messages would only be available for a designated period of time. The length of a snap could go up to 10 seconds, but then that picture was gone forever.

“Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion — not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.

This of course was a nightmare for parents who wanted to ensure their child’s safety online. How can you check what your child is receiving on their Snapchat account if it disappears within seconds? Nevertheless, one parent’s nightmare is another child’s dream, and the app has continually increased its share of the market since its inception. And posts now last for up to 24 hours, so there’s a longer shelf life for your tasty content.

Why should I care?

Because the market share for Snapchat amongst Gen Z is high. REALLY high. As of 2019 71% of Gen Z used Snapchat as part of their daily routines. 51% of this group use Snapchat roughly 11 times each day. And as Snapchat’s share of the market increases, this means that not engaging with the platform for your business is leaving you behind. But we know that it can be intimidating to use, so we’ll start you off gently.

Top 5 tips on how to use Snapchat for your business.

We’ll post a separate blog post on how to actually set up your Snapchat account – for the time being, here’s some stuff to think about when you’re finally up and running.


  • Post to your account often. Engagement drops after four or five snaps, so we’d recommend posting three or four times a day, every three to four hours.
  • Promote your swanky new Snapchat account on your other platforms. This is important, because if people don’t know you’re on Snapchat, how can they connect with you?
  • Provide exclusive content. At Digida, we talk often about the importance of not simply recycling your content across multiple platforms. Frankly, it’s bloody tedious to see. Snapchat comes into its own here. It allows for you to create a super-friendly vibe that makes your followers feel like they’re seeing a side of your business that no-one else gets to see.
  • Post relevant content. What’s out there that’s relevant to your products, and your brand? This is when a good social media planner comes into its own. Any useful campaigns that you can talk about that are relevant to your work? Your snaps shouldn’t simply be images of your products. You can use this platform to show your audience your brand is aware of various topics. You could talk about charities or any other type of social involvement of your business.
  • Drive traffic to your website. This is definitely one up on Instagram, who are infuriating in their hatred of the hyperlink. On Snapchat, you can include links in your Story. Just take a picture and click on the paperclip icon.

The fact is, Snapchat’s popularity is continually increasing. You should seriously consider opening an account there if you haven’t already. Once you’ve done so, make sure you post relatable, regular content. Get out there, and get them engaged.

We’ll be coming back to you shortly on how to open your shiny new Snapchat account, so keep an eye on our Stories for that. Whilst you wait, why not check out our other posts? There’s a whole host of handy hints and tips to get your social media marketing in tip top shape.