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Say Hello / Deud Helo

There have been a lot of updates over the last few weeks across most of the social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

I’ve recently been holding webinars on a weekly basis (thank you Zoom!), and LinkedIn has been one of the topics. It’s also been a very popular topic too! Generally on the whole, there have been many updates on LinkedIn, especially in the way it wants users to behave on the platform. It’s much less stuffy and corporate than the old days, and very much moving towards a Facebook style approach. But, what’s coming?


Already seen on some profiles, LinkedIn stories are coming. It does of course remain to be seen how popular they will be, on a traditionally corporate platform – but like I said, we are moving to a more relaxed approach on the platform now. At the moment, I’ve not got this new feature but I’m looking forward to seeing it!


Another new feature coming/being rolled out. I haven’t yet got this on my own profile, and not sure of when it’s coming in. What I have been told by those who promote LinkedIn is that it’s a good time to prepare, and build up a stock so when it does release, it’s ready to go! More on that one when I get it…


Of course LinkedIn is also going live, which is probably a great thing given the professional nature of the platform. After all, people buy from people and it would open up lots of opportunities for this.

LinkedIn Virtual Events

With the use of LinkedIn Live, you’ll also be able to host virtual events too. For much more information on this, visit this website (because they’re no point in me re-writing it!).