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Welcome once again to our weekly social media roundup. We’re bringing you the latest news from the social media scene. Obviously the news is dominated by the global response to the coronavirus outbreak (pandemic? What pandemic?). And platforms are dealing with us all being at home a LOT more. From TikTok launching daily live streams and Twitter struggling to cope with capacity, what are we going to encounter this week on the digital mean streets?

  1. TikTok launch celebrity hosted daily live streams
  2. Pinterest rolls out new ecommerce features
  3. Y tho
  4. Video quality to decrease
  5. The world moves to Zoom

TikTok launch celebrity-hosted daily live streams

With the homespun hashtag #HappyAtHome, TikTok are trying to keep us entertained whilst we’re in lockdown. Rather like a digital Vera Lynn (ask your Nan, by text preferably), from 5pm every evening they’re live streaming musicians, comedians and actors doing their thing. We don’t know how long they’ll be doing this. We do know the list of celebrities involved so far is impressive. So if you want to spend your week with Tyra Banks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Addison Rae, TikTok is the place to be.

I wrote about TikTok a while back, and it just so happens that Our Kerry has downloaded the app this week. So get ready to see her emulating Charli D’Amelio any day now.

Pinterest rolls out new e-commerce features, including verification

This will definitely be of interest if you use this Pinterest to sell your products. They’ve announced new ways of making your business more discoverable. The key features are:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Pinterest will allow retailers to be verified, making products eligible for distribution across Pinterest shopping experiences;

๐Ÿ‘‰ Retailers will have early access to organic and paid conversion insights to more accurately measure impact;

๐Ÿ‘‰ Pinterest Catalogs have been optimized to โ€œlessen time from feed ingestion to Product Pin creation”.

There are other feature updates, but the takeaway from this is that Pinterest know as shops shut their physical doors, the digital platforms they’re reverting to need to be fit for purpose.

Y Tho?


This is absolutely fascinating to me. An academic at the University of Leeds has suggested that memes should be archived because they have a broader cultural significance, especially during #lockdown.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I use a lot of memes when scheduling posts for the various business platforms. BUT, they have to be used with caution. Not every business should post memes, not every client base will respond well to them.

Video quality is about to decrease

Facebook is the latest platform to reduce its video quality in Europe. The aim is to reduce demand on internet service providers. This will apply to both FB and Instagram. Obviously demand for streaming has increased enormously, because most of us are self-isolating. Our household can’t be the only one who’ve just signed up for Disney+ (excellent timing there by the way, my dudes. We see your cheeky 7 day free trial).

The various platforms (including Netflix) claim the change will mean each video will use less data, but you won’t see major changes in quality.

However, if you’re a business reliant on videos or images for your advertising, it might be something to consider over the next few weeks and months.

Everyone’s on Zoom, but nobody’s wearing trousers

socialWe’re not the only people using Zoom to meet with clients and socialise. In fact, Zoom has seen such an enormous increase in usage it’s second only to TikTok in the Android and iPhone download chart.

And with the rise in the use of video conferencing technology, Walmart (the US retail giant) have seen an unexpected knock-on effect.

It seems there’s been a spike in people buying new tops. But no corresponding increase in the amount of people buying bottoms.

I feel seen.