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In this week’s social media weekly roundup the news is, understandably, still dominated by the C-word. We look at how various platforms are responding to the crisis, and looking beyond to ask what else is happening out there in the world.

  1. Facebook is offering social media templates for Covid-19 shutdown
  2. Instagram has enabled DMs on your desktop
  3. Finland classifies influencers as key workers
  4. Burger King release recipes
  5. Dobcross Whistler Dave changes our lives

Facebook is offering social media templates for COVID-19 shutdown

I wrote a few weeks back about how difficult it can feel to write social media posts during the lockdown. Feelings are running high, and someone somewhere is bound to be offended, no matter how innocuous you think your post is. Facebook are obviously mindful of this, as they’ve created a series of templates to share key messages on the platform.

We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges at the moment, including keeping in touch with customers, so we wanted to share a few things that you can do to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected. [Social Media Weekly]

They’re providing simple, visual-heavy templates so that your business can provide users with information. Like, changes to business hours, online purchasing options, etc. If you’re managing your own social media, this is a useful tool to help you update customers on the many pandemic-related updates to your business. Check them out!

Instagram has enabled DMs on your desktop

For those of you who work exclusively on your desktop computers (and there are many of you!), Instagram’s mobile-friendly interface can be a problem. They’re working hard to change that though, and this week comes the news that they’re now expanding user access to Instagram direct messages via your desktop. roundup

This “rounds out the user experience”, but in essence it’s all part of King Zuck’s focus on messaging as key to the Facebook brand. And as Instagram is part of the Facebook stable, it makes sense that their focus will be the same.

From a business perspective, private messages and Stories are fast becoming the main modes of communication for social media users – so if you’re marketing your business online, you need to get with the programme.

Finland classifies influencers as key workers

Wait, wait, wait. I know what your first and most immediate response to this headline is going to be. But this is a smart move from Finland, who are once again showing themselves to be a progressive bunch of vodka-swigging utopia merchants.

Helsinki has classified social media influencers as critical actors to society during a crisis, along with doctors, bus drivers and grocery store workers. Finland says it is the only country in the world that has defined social media as a critical operator. [Politico]


One of the biggest problems about dealing with the COVID-19 crisis is the spread of fake news. Social media platforms have been working hard to try and stem the tide of disinformation. How well that’s working, you’d be best off asking someone on their way to set fire to a 5G tower. So the fact that Finland have identified influencers as key workers is clever, and insightful. These are the people we follow in our droves on Instagram, so we’re probably going to listen to them when they say we need to wash our hands.

As the Finnish government says, if they can get a high schooler with 1000 followers to put out coronavirus info, then that’s goingto mitigate the effects of fake news. Once again, social media is of huge importance.

Want to make a Burger King Whopper at home? Well now you can


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Burger King’s advertising team are phenomenal; from hijacking the premier of It in Germany to take a pop at McDonalds, to their augmented reality ads that allow you to swipe out competitor’s advertising and replace them with their own. These folks are hot at what they do.

During lockdown, there’s been no exception to that rule. Burger King France have given out tips on how to make a Whopper during lockdown.The visual shows a list of key ingredients that make up the burger. It doesn’t, however, show you how to make it. Or tell you how you’re going to flame-grill a burger in your tiny home kitchen. Still, the clean lines of the ad and the motivation behind it are fab.

What inspiration will you take from this for your own brand?

Dobcross Whistler Dave changes all our lives

To end on a lighter note, I stumbled across this brilliant article in the Oldham Times this morning that I just love. Dave is an expert whistler, doing the whistling across a range of TV adverts and films. To show his appreciation for the NHS, Dave stood on his doorstep and whilstled the epic You Raise Me Up for his neighbours. He’ll next be performing You’ll Never Walk Alone at a podium in Dobcross.

How are your neighbours showing their appreciation for the NHS? (shoves amateur rainbow drawing in the bin).