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Bore da pawb! We’re back with our tasty bite out of the social media news. From the environmental impact of your social media use to the vanity metrics that you need to stop tracking, we’re bringing you up to date with the latest in the fast-paced world of social media.

Is using social media bad for the environment?

Greta Thunberg’s white-hot speech at the United Nations this week was powerful to watch. Upset and angry, this 16 year old shamed the world with her message.

From our perspective, the Digida office is constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint and attempting to balance that with the realities of modern life. And there are still hidden ways that we can overstep our own personal tipping points. For example, with our use of social media. So, how environmentally friendly is using social media? You can check out our blog post on Friday to find out, but needless to say the issue is complicated.

As for Thunberg, she’s been trending on social media all this week. We hope that her message gets across.

Vanity thy name is social media. 

Vanity metrics can sod off.

We’ve been telling clients this for a while, but it’s a hard habit to break out of. Follower numbers and likes are a pile of old guff really. And this article from Search Engine Journal pulls no punches about why you should stop counting them, as of right now.

If you continue to use them in your own reports, then you are no better than the frauds, quacks, and charlatans who used to sell “snake oil” as a cure-all elixir for many kinds of physiological problems.

We do include them in our reports, because clients like to see that we’re doing our jobs. And that’s what clients view as success – a rise in followers. We’re working hard on pedalling the engagement aspect – that it’s not necessarily about likes and follows, but about the conversations we have around your posts. We blogged back in May about Instagram running a test to hide likes on the platform. 

But the reality is, as this article points out, the amount of followers you have doesn’t mean you’re reaching all of them with your content. Organic reach is in decline. So why are you counting likes and followers?

This is also significant, as Facebook will begin to hide likes on their platform very soon


Your Snapchat posts are now in 3D

So yeah, it’s only for people with depth data on their phones (we see you, iPhone X) but Snapchat now has a function that means you can capture that selfie in 3D. This article from Digital Trends explains all. In a nutshell, though, you can still receive a Chat that’s been captured in 3D, but only ones with the sufficient tech can create them.

The 3D camera mode uses the smartphone’s depth data to create a dimensional image complete with Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses.

“Communication through contextually rich, visual Snaps is simple yet powerful,” a Snapchat representative said. “Looking forward, we plan to continue innovating and partnering around new ways for Snapchatters to express themselves and have fun through the Snapchat camera.”

Snapchat currently has 203 million daily users. So if you’re not tapping into that market yet, you may be missing out on potential customers/clients.

Facebook publishes an etiquette guide. 

Presumably the guide will start by pointing out how rude it is to spy on your clients? In any case, here comes Facebook’s guide to telling us how to not be rude online. As Social Media Today explains, Facebook have partnered with Debrett’s, a “renowned authority on modern etiquette”, to develop the first formal messaging guide of its kind. You can download a copy by clicking on this sentence. Neat, huh?

For those of you used to email and letters (remember them?) then this won’t come as a big surprise. Basically, no ghosting, hone your tone and don’t multi-message are amongst the takeaways.

There’s also advice here on how to leave one of those endless WhatsApp message threads. Turns out, telling them all to get f***ed isn’t the way to go.

Spotify is working on Stories for playlists

Falcon.io have previously reported on the discoveries of Jane Manchun Wong, app whisperer and code hunter, who’s gained a level of fame among the tech crowd for revealing upcoming app features.

In a recent blog Wong reports finding unreleased features within a Spotify playlist, one of which resembled the Stories we currently use on Instagram.

The story in question featured a Q&A session embedded within a playlist. While we don’t have a release date yet, it would certainly make playlists on Spotify more interactive and fun, so we’re all for it.

We’ll keep our eyes on this one to see what develops – be interesting to see how this could/will work for businesses.

Anyway, that’s us all done! Tune in to next Monday when we’ll be back with the latest from all things social media-y. Have a great week!