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There are big changes coming from Facebook and TikTok is testing new eCommerce potential. For Instagram, things are looking peachy in #lockdownlife. So, what other updates are there? Let’s check it out.

  1. Big Facebook updates
  2. TikTok updates to provide small gestures
  3. Instagram sees great increase in screentime
  4. Are the Government using bots?
  5. Influencers hit by pandemic crisis

Big Updates to Facebook

Kerry has written about this in more detail in her most recent blog post, which you can find here. The crux is that Zuck’s Army are responding to the new focus on community spirit, with new features. So, these updates include indicating which of your events are now online only. And Facebook Live have added donation buttons. But the BIG deal is they’re seeking to pull back some of the market share from Zoom by creating Facebook Messenger rooms. This update will mean that Facebook are getting in on the video conferencing action.

TikTok updates to provide Small Gestures

TikTok has launched a new initiative called ‘Small Gestures‘. It enables users to send free virtual gifts from brand partners in-app.

We’re able to give users a platform to feel connected with their friends and family through the small gesture of sending a gift to someone who might need it most…these ‘Small Gestures’ are offered free for all TikTok users to send gifts up to three separate times.

They’re the things businesses offer as a hook to get you interested in the paid packages. Adobe, for example, are offering a 90-day subscription to Adobe Premier Rush. The idea is to do a small gesture to make someone feel better. But the actual aim is to investigate how to monetise TikTok. For TikTok’s High Command, that’s the Golden Ticket. As a result, all eyes are on this latest development.


Instagram sees greatest increase from your lockdown time

So, who’s the big social media winner from all this? Turns out, it’s Instagram, who’d originally predicted flat growth for this year. They’re taking the lion’s share of our increased time online.

There’s probably a social scienc-y type reason for this (attention span deficit, or Twitter and Facebook providing overwhelming amounts of information?). No doubt researchers are already crunching that tasty Big Data. But what this means for your business is if you’re online, right now Instagram is the place to be.

UK Government is forced to deny rumours they’re running fake NHS bots

In what could potentially be a new low, the Conservative government have been forced to deny they’re running a bot network. The accusation is that the bots are pretending to be NHS staff. I cannot eye roll enough right now.

…the Department for Health and Social Care has been replying directly to accusations on Twitter, calling the claims “categorically false” and condemning users for sharing disinformation as it “undermines the national effort against coronavirus.”

For once, they might be in the right on this one. It seems much more likely that tweets from 128 fake accounts are actually the work of a troll. And this behaviour – pretending to be bots – is on the rise. However you toast it, it’s still not great for Tory HQ.

Influencers are hit by the crisis

Influencers are paid handsomely to show off lives we’d like to live. That’s all hunky dory until you’re sharing pics of yourself in your luxury villa, telling others to follow the #lockdown. For influencer Jack Morris the backlash was swift after he updated his Insta with pics of himself in his infinity pool, begging people to stay home. Travel bloggers and fashionistas have also been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Are our attitudes shifting on what’s important?


What does this update mean for your business? The takeaway is, as always, you should be mindful of how others might perceive your posts. Ordinarily, pictures of you in your garden are great for engagement and enhance the personal touch. But take care. If your audience has spent the last few weeks in a 10th floor flat home schooling three kids, they might not respond positively to your #blessed hashtag.

That’s this week’s update all tied up. Thanks for joining us! What are your thoughts on some of this week’s news? Let us know in the comments! And as always, stay safe.