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Are you ready to make an impact?

Using social media is an important part of any digital strategy. If you’re not on social media in any form, you can be sure that your competitors are. The most common phrase we hear when we ask a business or organisation why they aren’t on social media is that they either lack the time or have no idea what to post about.

That’s where Digida comes in.

We offer a range of social media management packages all designed to increase your reach and engagement. Of course we realise not everyone wants a marketing company to run their social media, which is why we also offer social media training. You can find us on a range of social media platforms where you can ask us questions! Keep an eye out for our social media events on Facebook and Twitter also.

Our Mission

Creating fantastic social media content and strategies for businesses across the UK. Let’s show off what we can achieve.

Social Media Management

Let us run your social media for you – from Facebook to SnapChap, we can help expand your reach and engagement.

Social Media Training

Giving you the tools to run fantastic social media for your business, with tips and tricks from the trade,

Management Packages

It’s important to choose the right package for your business – if you’re not on social media at all, then we recommend our Tentative or Middling packages to get started. With ALL of our packages we will always offer advise for free on where you can improve, we will always encourage engagement on the social media platforms and chat to your potential new, and current customers.

We utilise software to create beautiful posts and images, as well as where suitable videos too! Remember though, it’s always a team effort and we’ll discuss with you how much input you want – we’re flexible.


Elements we ALWAYS do, that are included in all packages but thought we’d better tell you about them anyway:

  • Always include a meeting with you, face to face before we start any packages. Here we can chat openly about the social media platforms you use, what you want to achieve with them and where exactly we can help.
  • We also make sure we answer any comments or messages as soon as we can, to increase engagement and also make sure that your potential customers feel you are reaching out to them.
  • We always agree how we will reply to messages sent to your page – be that directed them to your website or email, asking further questions etc.
  • We’re always available to have our brains picked about digital marketing – we want an open, honest and friendly relationship so just ask away! We’re here, doing what we love.
  • As standard, we’ll always check out your local and perhaps national competition – it’s good to have targets, but also to make sure the posts we design don’t mirror anything too closely. It’d be bad for business!
  • We always create unique graphics and videos to your business, although certain packages will allow for more of these.
  • We always include call to action posts about your business, as well as promoting the community in your field of work – it’s a fine balance between a constant sell sell sell, so we never promise a target per week, we have to go with what feels natural.

Training Styles

Keep it Personal

We do love a 1-2-1. It gives us the chance to really understand what your business is about, what areas you already know, what your goals are and how we can specifically help you.


We offer our 1-2-1 training at anything from an hour to a full day (biscuits and tea included). You could even sign up for an hour a week/month to spread the training and get to grips over time.

Small and Intimate

Small groups are great if you’re coming from one organisation or business, and we can cover a whole range of topics and social media platforms. Half day or full day courses ar our, or your location.


Perhaps you’re not all from the same business or organisation but feel you’re all of a similar level? That’s great too! Group learning is a great networking opportunity too.

Workshop Style

Running a workshop style event to learn about social media can work wonders for your team. It opens the room up to more discussions, sharing tips and tricks – which is how we like to see events run. It’s not about us preaching, but about helping learning, collaboration and working together!


Get a buzz from a fantastic workshop event, and learn about social media in the process.

Ask for our availability today!

If it’s social media training you’re after, then get in touch with us to discuss our availability and the options above. We’ve love to hear what you want to get from the training, and we can decide how best to help.

01970 629 383


How can social media boost your business?

Social media is popular... VERY popular

Did you know that Facebook alone has over 2.3 billion active users – that’s a huge audience to potentially reach. We’ve said it before, if you’re not on social media, you can be sure your competitors are.

It's also cost effective

In most cases uses social media is free, but even if you want to reach more people, advertising on social media is cheaper than many traiditonal methods.


Social media encourages conversations

In it’s very nature, social media encourages conversations between businesses and customers. You can learn more about your audience, create and grow relationships and loyalty, get to know them better.

Helps spread the word

You can reach a larger network of potential customers with social media, increasing exposure with your fans, followers and connections.

Reaches all ages and demographics

One of the many joys of social media is that you can reach people of various age and demographics, targetting interests, locations and more.

Means you can share a lot about your business

Social media platforms are nearly becoming the place to go for consumers looking to find out information or discover new products/services. So make sure you’re offering up to date information and inviting conversations.

Perfect for customer service

Every business should strive to provide excellent customer service, whether you run a hotel, a retail or service business. Social media gives you the chance to step up the game and provide instant reactions to your customers – from complaints to compliments.

It's everywhere!

It really is everywhere. Even if someone isn’t on Facebook or Twitter, they’re probably on Pinterest or Snapchap or TikTok. So, give your business a fighting chance and join the social media revolution.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started today.