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Whew, what a year! We officially launched back in January 2019, and it’s been a busy one. Plenty of changes in social media and digital marketing, we thought it would be a good time recap on the biggest trends and changes we’ve seen over the past 12 months. Want to look forward to 2020? Check out what we think the social media trends are for the next 12 months.


Way back in January, we discussed memes and how to use them in your marketing. We have a couple of clients on social media whose pages really work well for meme sharing, especially those clients whose target market are students. We mentioned that you can use memes to grab attention, or even enhance your content. A meme is a particularly good way of explaining a complex idea to a large audience. So, did you start using them in 2019?

ASMR is slowly creeping into what I’d call “general marketing”. Back in 2018 it was a niche feature, but it’s been creeping in over 2019, more so in the past couple of months. We think you need to keep a close eye on this sensation over the next year or so, and watch how the big brands will start utilising it. Not sure what it is? Read more here.

Branding and personalisation has been high on our list during 2019, and it won’t be going away in 2020. More important than ever is showing your brand personality, and also making sure you have a strong brand to pitch you against your competition. If you haven’t got a brand in place, then you should take a look at our story about colour theory, or read our blog about how strong is your brand. If you’re analysing your brand, you might also want to read our blog post on how important a font is.


Twitter’s seen a lot of changes over the past year, all for the better! We can hardly believe it’s been just over half a year already since the update that changed retweets, let alone the new layout, dark feature and stickers. We’re always surprised though at how many businesses don’t know how to use Twitter, or avoid it. We also chatted about muting phrases and words on Twitter, so you can use it easier.


Are you on LinkedIn? We use it for our professional profiles, and boy was it nice when they introduced the new reactions to posts. Just adding a little bit of UX to the platform.


In early 2019, Instagram starting testing hiding likes across some countries (including Canada and Ireland). Apparently, this test went well and hiding likes will be rolled out across Instagram as a whole. Read our blog piece to see our thoughts, and what changed. One of the biggest, and most notable changes was that likes dropped significantly on posts on Instagram… but stories remained popular. There were also some changes to the algorithm to hashtags, which we went into more detail of on this story.

Pressure was also on Instagram to curb online bullying, and some new features were released with the view to help this. In our blog post about it, we looked further into the changes but as yet, we’ve not heard if this has worked. It’s something to keep an eye on for 2020 for sure.

If you’re on Instagram, then you’ll have heard about influencers. Back in September 2019 the platform launched a new type of account, primarily targetting towards influencers and businesses, called a Creator account. We were so impressed with the new features, we’ve switched all of our business accounts to Creator accounts.