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What We Do


Website & Social Media Audits

What’s in an audit? An audit is where we would inspect either your website or social media activity (or both!) and produce a report outlining what’s working, what isn’t and where you can improve. An audit is really handy if you can already update your own website or you’re confident on social media – a fresh pair of eyes can often help take the next step for your marketing.

Website Audits

There are many points that we cover in a website audit, such as checking the website loading speed, search engine optimisation in general (or per page), meta tags, server time, internal links, content and much much more. We have two different website audits that you can order, which will give you a detailed overview on suggestions where you can improve your website.

Enjoy a reduced hourly rate from £35.00 per hour to £25.00 per hour should you want us to carry out any work on the website following our audit!


Social Media Audits

A fresh pair of eyes is always good, and we offer audits for social media as well as websites. We’ll take a good look at your social media activity – what platforms you’re on, how well they’re working for you, what your posting and more. Our audit will detail a list of recommendations for you to help give you that extra push.


The boring bits…

We will ask for payment in advance, and will send your audit to you within 14 working days of payment being received.

Pricing Options

Website Audit: Technical


This audit concentrates on the techy aspects of your website – your loading speed, SEO in general, meta tags, server time, internal links, quality of content and more. A great start to give you some ideas on where to improve your website for your visitors.

Website Audit: Technical & Aesthetic


This second audit not only concentrates on the technical aspects of your site, but also the general look and feel from a visitor perspective, and of course from a first impression of your business point of view. We’ll give you pointers, ideas, advice on your website design and structure. The suggestions will not only cover aspects such as SEO (improving ranking on Google), but also usability of your website for your visitors. Simply fill in the form opposite and let us help you get your website to the next level.

Social Media Audit


Our social media audit takes a look at the platforms you currently use – what you’re posting, your engagement rate, your reach, the types of posts you are doing. We’ll send over suggestions on where you can improve, or how to change your strategy for better engagement or conversion rates.

Go ahead…

Ask us for an audit!