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Last week saw both Facebook and Instagram go down for a few hours, which for us social media managers was a real pain in the backside. Especially at a crucial marketing time of the year with Christmas campaigns kicking off left, right and centre! Still – not as bad as Natwest going down on Black Friday I suppose? Every cloud and it’s silver lining?

But what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past week? Nothing huge actually, attentions are now turning to 2020 quite rapidly!

  1. TikTok grows in popularity
  2. More tweaks to Twitter
  3. Twitter to remove inactive accounts

TikTok continues to grow in popularity

TikTok is continuing to grow in its popularity as a social media platform, and if you use Facebook often you’ll be seeing a lot of videos from this newer platform being shared across. The app itself has just tipped over the 1.5 billion download mark (yes, billion)! It is currently sitting at the 3rd most downloaded app of the year (non-gaming). So, will you be looking at this new platform to use for social media marketing?

More Tweaks to Twitter

A little over a week ago (we’re stretching this a little!) Twitter announced that a new “hide replies” option will be rolled out before long. This means that if you are getting spam replies to your Tweets, or just plain absurb replies, you can hide them – as Twitter itself says, “out of sight, out of mind”. For social media managers we think that this new change will be fantastic! Read a full article about this here, thanks to Social Media Today.

Twitter to remove inactive accounts – or are they?

Last Wednesday Twitter announced it would soon be removing inactive accounts off the platform. Initially I thought “good news”, but then wondered how long an account needed to be inactive for. I’ve got a few I have but don’t use, better resurrect them! I was expecting the length of time to be quite long, not the 6 months Twitter announced! But no sooner had Twitter announced this, they soon released a statement saying the plan was on hold, over concerns it will delete profiles of deceased users.

So, for now their plan is on hold until Twitter have created a way for people to “memorialise” accounts. But for those businesses struggling to keep up with social media posting, now is as good a time as any to approach a social media management agency (oh, hi!) to take the reigns of your Twitter account so you don’t lose those all important followers.