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Hello everyone! It’s Monday morning and we’re coming at you with our social media roundup for the week. With news from Twitter attempting to keep Trump in check to social media stars earning money whilst they sleep (literally), the news from the social landscape is just as bonkers as usual.

Coming in for a swim? Dip your toe, the water’s lovely!

  1. Twitter’s warning labels on deepfake posts
  2. Twitter places manipulated media warning on White House social
  3. TikTok is monetised
  4. Instagram adds new processes for Coronavirus updates
  5. Facebook launches messengar for macs

Twitter’s going to place warning labels on deepfake posts

As of 5th March 2020, the company has said it will start to add warning labels to tweets they believe contain videos with “synthetic and manipulated media”. It will then remove them from the platform when they think the tweets are likely to cause serious harm [Mashable]. Twitter had asked users back in November what it wanted changes to the platform to look like. We still don’t have an edit button *sigh* but we do have Fleets (Kerry’s written about that over the weekend), and now this. A specific policy on the use of synthetic and manipulated media on social media.

I talked about deepfakes a while back, and the seriousness of their use seems to be increasing. Even political organisations aren’t adverse to sharing them, as we see in the next update.

Twitter places ‘manipulated media’ warning on White House social media

social media roundupTwitter’s attempts to place truth and authenticity at the forefront of its message has hit a barrier this week. That barrier comes in the form, unsurprisingly, of the White House.

White House social media director Dan Scavino has become one of the first to be impacted by the new policy after a video of Joe Biden that he tweeted was tagged as manipulated media.

Biden stumbled his words, allowing for a short clip that seemed to show him admitting Trump will win the next US election.

Twitter marked Scavino’s tweet as manipulated media almost a day after it was posted, by which time it had already accumulated thousands of retweets and millions of views. Better late than never, but it would have been better early than late.

And the warning about manipulated media doesn’t always pop up. Begging the question, what’s the point? In any case, it’s a start!


TikTok lets you make money whilst you sleep

That’s the dream, right? To go to sleep and wake up with hundreds in the bank. Well, if you’re on TikTok then the reality is, you can.

Through TikTok’s live feature, viewers can donate digital ‘coins’ that can be cashed out for money. On Hector’s first sleep-stream, he said, he received about $10 worth of coins — not riches, exactly, but more than he’d usually be paid to go to sleep ($0) [Economic Times]
So, the TL:DR is that TikTok users are live streaming themselves sleeping. And people are watching. This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. The American platform YouNow saw #sleepingsquad trending in 2015. Twitch doesn’t let you live stream sleeping as it counts as an unattended feed (killjoys).
Of course, what’s at the heart of all this isn’t that millions of people necessarily like to watch people sleeping. Though how you get your jollies is on you, frankly. Nope, it’s all about the communities that pop up in the chat section. Once again, it’s all about that sweet sweet engagement.

Instagram adds new processes for accurate #Coronavirus updates

Social media platforms are working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus disinformation. Instagram are no exception. They’ve announced over the weekend they’re working to remove inaccurate information about the spread of the disease and offer accurate information on new cases.

Given the significant role that social platforms now play in the distribution of news and information, it’s important that they are going to these efforts, and seeking to ensure that misinformation is not being spread through their networks [Social Media Today].

Don’t applaud them too quickly; they’ve also been condemned for allowing virus-themed filters to go live on the platform. (Be warned – that last hyperlink is to the Daily Mail website). The Lord giveth, and he taketh away.

Facebook Launches Messenger for macOS

Don’t get too excited, it’s only in certain areas. But this is following on from their announcement at the F8 developer conference last year. TechCrunch have confirmed with Zuck’s Army that the rollout is underway. But what merit is there to a desktop Messenger app for your PC or laptop? I mean, you can already access it via the web so what’s the point in it having its own app?

The company are citing seamlessness but to me, it’s the opposite of that. It’s simply another hoop to jump through. And if Facebook are using video chats as the selling point, then that makes little sense either. There are already excellent apps that do this work.

Anyway. It’s here, it’s live and it’s coming your way shortly.

And that’s it! Keep us posted with anything you might come across over the course of the week. And as ever, check us out on Insta, Facebook and Twitter.