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I mean, what the Hell you guys. How’s your week been? Ours has been…well. It’s been, you know? We’ve moved out of the office but we’re still online. With all the chaos of the current situation, it’s hard to think about social media management. But honestly, it’s more important now than ever. As businesses move to exclusively online presences and we stay in touch at home via Facebook, Instagram et al, what’s happening on social media? Here’s our weekly roundup.

  1. Instagram launches group watch function and new stickers
  2. We split into gangs
  3. Reddit launches a polls option
  4. Twitter announces an automated review section

Instagram launches group watch function and new stickers

Instagram are working hard in the face of the coronavirus outbreak to make its platform as usable as possible. To that end, it’s launched a new group watch feature. Called Co-Watching, Instagram users will be able to brows posts with friends using an in-app video function. So you can stay in touch, chat about content and have a beer all in the comfort of your own home.

The feature can be accessed by starting a video chat through the Instagram Direct messaging tab and tapping the photo icon in the bottom left of the video chat screen. It lets you look at saved, liked, and recommended posts together as a group.

They’ve also implemented a new Stay Home sticker, which you can apply to your Stories. Insta will then collate these individual stickers into a dedicated Story, so that you can see all the other users of the Stay Home sticker in your feed. Check out this article from The Verge for more info.

We’re all online, and we’re splitting into gangs

This semi-lighthearted article from The Guardian says that once we’ve moved the furniture around the house, cooked the lentils and binged on new movies, the next thing to do is scroll through social media. You’ll no doubt have noticed yourselves that there are clear gangs of people online. The megasharers, the shamers, the productivity Fascists. No, you don’t have to write King Lear because you’re off work. But yes, you should probably get up and have a shower now and again.

Our advice to small businesses? Don’t get lost in the noise for the next few weeks, and resist joining a gang. It’ll probably bite you on the bum once this is all over.

Reddit has launched a new Polls option

Social Media today have announced that Reddit “the front page of the internet” have launched a new Polls option. This will enable users of the platform to pose questions to their audience. This is a sure-fire engagement winner. It’s meant to activate the “lurkers” – people who scroll through posts but don’t comment. Getting lurkers to comment on your content is the Holy Grail of online marketing.

For Poll creators, the new post type is a straightforward way to engage with Reddit’s 100,000+ active communities…Polls makes it easier than ever for our 430 million monthly active users to participate in the conversation, even if they’d prefer not to comment.

Twitter rolls out an automated review system

Hot on the heels of YouTube rolling out an automated review system to counteract #COVID19 disinformation, comes Twitter’s effort. Their post moderation process will rely on automation tools to find and remove unsuitable content. This is an important new feature to keep an eye on, as it will almost certainly mean that posts not in violation of rules will be removed. Because, the automation process sucks.

So if you’re managing the social media platforms for your business and posts keep disappearing, ask yourselves. Are you sharing material that breaks content rules on the platform? If you don’t think your content has violated community standards, it might be an AI glitch.