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Say Hello / Deud Helo

Yes, it’s true. We’ve completely engulfed video and opened up a YouTube channel for Digida Marketing! We’ll be sharing some of our Instagram stories over there, as well as making new and informative videos about all things digital marketing and social media.

But why? It’s a good question, we already know I hate doing live videos but Keri T is quite insistent (and of course, entirely rightly so). We had a quick marketing chat last week during a brainstorm for the business, and realised that tapping into the YouTube world was the way to go. We’re already posting 3-4 stories a week to Instagram, which unless we save into the highlights section are being lost – despite being full of useful information that naturally you won’t want to miss out on. So, we decided that a good work around to this was to save the really juicy videos for YouTube, but also create a strategy to work on new videos, which will only be shared on YouTube and not duplicated over on Instagram.

Click here to visit the channel and subscribe, we’ll be posting videos every fortnight!