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Who We Are

Who or what is Digida?

A digital marketing agency from Wales. We’re passionate about great digital marketing – be that for a one man band, small business or large organisation, everyone needs a powerful and persuasive marketing strategy. We’ve worked in digital for over 10 years, and have experience in designing bold and striking websites, running successful and memorable marketing campaigns on social media as well as creating new and modern brands.

What’s in a name?

As a Welsh business, it’s important for us to incorporate the Welsh language in what we do. This was essential when creating a name. The Welsh word for “digital” is “digidol”, which coined “digi”, and “da” in Welsh means good. It might not make a lot of sense in English, but we loved the sound and impact of the word, as well as the way it can work in Welsh or English (“g” is pronounced differently in the two languages).

Kerry Ferguson – Marketing Mastermind

Kerry hails from Cerrigydrudion in North Wales. In 2018, Kerry won the Regional Award at the Forward Ladies National Awards for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She is one of two directors of our sister company, Gwe Cambrian Web which is a multi-award winning, bilingual business based in Aberystwyth also. Kerry likes to keep busy and is passionate about seeing small businesses thrive – it’s the driving force behind the day to day work.

For Digida, she’s our Marketing Master & our motivational mastermind. She wants every business to perform to their best by utilising the dynamic power of the digital.

She is also a role model for Big Ideas Wales. She visits schools and conducts workshops to show pupils that the traditional route through education isn’t the only one. You can also find Kerry behind Discover Your Wales, a holiday renting agency with a twist.

Emlyn Jones – Technical/Development Director

Emlyn is our technical lead on the functionality and development aspects of our projects. He enables the more technical requirements of the brief.

He’s from Tremadog, in North Wales, and came to Aberystwyth to undertake a degree in Physical Geography and Environmental Monitoring & Analysis.

With a background specialising in GIS, Emlyn works with a range of computer languages including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python.

Emlyn was the lead developer for Thema Cymru, which was launched in 2015. Thema is an open source resource for WordPress users, providing free bilingual templates for download. The project was funded as part of the Welsh Government’s digitisation grant.

Emlyn is also the joint owner of a brewery, Bragdy Pwll – which allows him to pursue his interests in project development, and good ales.

Keri Thomas – Social Media Ninja

Keri is originally from Blaenau Gwent, but moved to Aberystwyth to complete her undergraduate degree and her PhD, both in English Literature. She’s massively into social media & its ability to amplify a message.

She can often be found lurking at conferences, giving papers to other academics who generally find her a bit overenthusiastic.

She’s mostly to be found surfing the web on the Welsh Riviera with her 10 month old daughter strapped to her back. For Digida, she’ll be working on the best way to communicate your brand & developing a unique community around your business.

If you have an enquiry you can talk to her on Twitter – via Digida, or her own personal profile.

How can we help?

We offer a range of services to help businesses and organisations get online. From website development to social media marketing, content creation to digital strategies – we’ll have something to help give you and your business a boost.

Why not contact us today for a chat?